Tuition & Fees


I. Tuition & Miscellaneous Fees

• Pre-School – P17,500.00

• Elementary Levels – P17,000.00

• High School Levels – P17,500.00

II. School Materials & Supplies

• School uniform

• PE uniform

• CAT uniform (3rd/4th Year High School)

• Books / E-books (e-learning classes)

• Computer tablet device (e-learning classes)


• General Rule
Full payment upon enrollment.

• Installment Option
P3,000 initial payment upon enrollment with the balance due in seven (7) monthly installment payments on or before the following dates:
– July 17, 2014
– August 18, 2014
– September 18, 2014
– October 16, 2014
– November 17, 2014
– December 18, 2014
– January 19, 2014

• Requirements to avail of installment payment option:
1. Pay P3,000 initial fee to the Cashier;
2. Submit application form to Finance Manager with copy of initial fee official receipt; and
3. Approval of application by School President.

• Disqualified from availing of installment option:
1. With existing overdue balance from previous school years;
2. Failed to pay on installment due dates for 3 or more times in the past school year.


The school will accept payments in –
1. Cash
2. Manager’s/Cashier’s Checks
3. Personal Checks, except the following:
i. Second endorsement checks; and
ii. Checks issued by those whose previous check payments were dishonored.


1. The pre-enrolment fee is non-refundable.

2. Payments for ancillary learning materials and supplies are also non-refundable.

3. Partial payments for tuition and miscellaneous fees may be refunded in case of withdrawal/discontinuation of enrollment, subject to forfeiture of indicated portion of the total tuition and miscellaneous fees below:
a. 5% – before start of classes
b. 10% – within first week of classes
c. 20% – not later than 2 weeks from start of class
d. 100%- after 2 weeks.

*Those who withdraw after 2 weeks shall pay the full tuition and miscellaneous fees before transfer credentials are released.