Admission Process

Pre-enrollment Reservation

• Pupils/Students intending to continue to the succeeding grade level in the following school year are required to pre-enroll not later than fifteen (15) days before the end of the current school year to reserve their slots in the subsequent class.
• To be considered pre-enrolled the required pre-enrolment fee, which is deductible from tuition fee, must be paid.
• For those who fail to pre-enroll, their enrolment in the succeeding grade level shall be subject to availability of slots.


• The enrolment period is the designated dates before the start of classes.
• Enrolment shall be on a “first come, first served” basis and subject to the availability of slots.
• To be considered officially enrolled for the school year, the stipulated tuition, miscellaneous and other school fees must be fully paid, or the required initial fees for those with approved installment payment applications.

K TO 12
Enrollment is now ongoing and classes for Kinder, Grades 1 & 7 are now offered at the Forbes College Main Campus, located at Aquende Building 3, Elizondo corner Rizal Streets, Legazpi City, Philippines.

Enrollment in all grade levels is ongoing at Forbes Academy, located at Lakandula Street, Legazpi City, Philippines.

For details, you may inquire:

For Kinder, Grade 1 & 7 at Forbes College Campus:
Carla N. Villares
Assistant School Principal
Forbes Academy

For all Kinder and all grade levels at Forbes Academy Campus:
Ruben B. Cenita, Ph.D.
School Principal
Forbes Academy
Telephone: (+6352) 742-1807
Mobile No: (+63 916) 302-4475


Enrolment Procedure

Pre-school, Elementary and High School

  • Present all the required documents to the admission officer for checking. A registration form with the contract attached will be issued.
  • Read carefully what is in the contract and fill out legibly and correctly the registration form. Sign everything that needs to be signed and have it received by the admission officer.
  • Proceed to the cashier’s office and pay the necessary fees in order to be considered officially enrolled. Registration forms are stamped ENROLLED after having paid the necessary payments


START OF CLASSES:    June 10, 2019

Late Enrolment

  • The late enrolment period begins after the start of classes up to the 15th day thereafter, subject to availability of slots.
  • Late enrollment charge shall be assessed for late enrollees.
  • No enrolment shall be entertained after the lapse of the late enrolment period.

Basic Terms and Conditions

  1. By enrolling, both the parents/guardian(s) and the pupils/students expressly accept the terms and conditions, policies, guidelines and regulations of MABA Computer Oriented High School (SCHOOL) contained in this Pupils/Student Handbook;
  2. The parents/guardians are principal stakeholders in education, and as such, should be actively involved in the learning experiences of their children/wards in school. It is their duty to monitor the progress of their children/wards and are expected to promptly meet with school authorities whenever called, or on their own initiative, to discuss concerns affecting pupils/students;
  3. It is the primary obligation and responsibility of the parents to –
  4. Settle promptly the stipulated tuition, miscellaneous and other school fees due to the SCHOOL, including special assessments/fees and agreed contributions;
  5. Furnish material support to their children/wards by provisioning them with the prescribed learning materials and other ancillaries, such as books, uniforms, school supplies, project materials, electronic learning devices and software applications;
  6. Cooperate with the SCHOOL by actively participating in school activities requiring the involvement of parent(s)/guardians, including in the parents-teachers association activities;
  7. Assist their children/wards in learning and other school activities needing the guidance, inputs and participation of parent(s)/guardian, such as in homework, special projects, and value reinforcement;
  8. Comply with the policies, regulations, guidelines and other instructions of the SCHOOL, including those published in this Student Handbook
  9. Pupils/Students shall receive the educational services appropriate for the indicated grade/year level and be entitled to –
  10. Attend and participate in classes, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and other school activities;
  11. Receive educational instruction in accordance with the prescribed curriculum, and the policies and regulations, and orders, guidelines and instructions of the Department of Education and the SCHOOL; and
  12. Receive the corresponding grades and ratings for the academic and school performance demonstrated;
  13. The enrolment and subsequent re-enrolment of the pupil/student may be discontinued, barred on in any other manner curtailed in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Education and the SCHOOL.