Co-curriculum Activities

SY 2014 – 2015

Project / ActivitiesPersons InvolvedTarget DateExpected Output
1. Scouting (Optional)
– BSP - Senior, Junior, Kab
– GSP - Senior, Star, Twinkler
Ms. Dianne Myrene Acuña
Boy Scouts/Leaders
Ms. Ma. Gemma Almayda
Girl Scouts/Leaders
August 2018Dependable students
Valued students
Good citizens
2. Athletics / SportsMs. Michelle Arena
Ms. Dianne Myrene Acuña
September 2018Knowledgeable and skillful students
Discipline students
Physically fit students



On September 26-27, 2014, Forbes Academy celebrated its Intramurals and Sports Festival at the Forbes Academy Campus and at Forbes College Ground. The event was held with its theme, “Railroad to Excellence and Progress through Sports”. The pupils/students joined in different indoor activities such as scrabble, chess, games of the general, table tennis, etc. The High School students joined in Basketball Games, Volleyball, SepakTakraw, badminton and in other outdoor activities. We also have the Search for Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2014. Fortunately, a Grade 8 student won the crown over the College students and a Fourth Year student of Forbes Academy won the 1st Runner up Title.


Leadership training

The organization sponsored a one day seminar for leadership training to all student officers last November 15, 2014 to achieve the following objectives:
1. to hone and develop the leadership skills of the club officers;
2. to develop their competence to become a good leader;
3. to improve their commitment in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as leaders;
4. to improve their confidence to become an effective leaders; and
5. to develop their skills in making a project proposal.
The topics included were the following:
a. How to develop the leader in you
b. How to think like a leader: Goal-oriented leadership
c. How to convince the World You are a Leader

1. Confidence building
2. Trust Workshop
3. How to make a project proposal: From paper to Action