Core Principles

  1. Academic instruction shall be given foremost priority. To avoid distraction and disruption, special projects and co/extra-curricular activities shall be minimized to essential cases only;
  2. Character formation through values education shall be treated as an equally-important component of basic education where parents collaboration is critical;
  3. Continuous efforts shall be taken to simplify the teaching process to enhance the learning experience and eliminate unnecessary cost;
  4. Teachers shall seek to innovate in teaching strategies, pedagogies and approaches suitable to the learners in order to improve the efficiency of instruction;
  5. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness of instructions, students should be provisioned with the prescribed textbooks and other learning materials needed for instruction;
  6. Available and affordable technologies shall be utilized to provide advanced learning experiences for pupils/students.

About Us

Inspired by its passion to serve the competent and deserving Bicolano students, and to give back to the society the best education they have acquired, the AquendeFamily,have committed to establish Forbes Academy offering the latest trends and updated computer oriented instruction in basic education under the K to 12 Curriculum. This aims to produce best learners to enhance quality education in competing with the growing demands of society.

Forbes Academy, located at Lakandula Drive, Legazpi City, Albay, is first to offer the digitally –assisted instruction using the E-Learning System in Basic Education in the region to ensure the learners’ acquisition of learning as he/she starts to become independent and be familiar with the modern trends of learning to excel in this highly competitive world.

The Company owners are composed of experienced administrators and competent educators who will surely provide all the learning equipment and other educational needs to ensure the learner’s intellectual, mental, social, and physical growth and development.


We envision ourselves to be the lead institution in the region in educational innovation where –

• Parents want to send their children to;
• Pupils/Students want to study in;
• Teachers want to teach in; and
• Alumni want to return to.


Building the Future with Strong Basic Education