Special Activities

SY 2018 – 2019

Project / ActivitiesPersons InvolvedTarget DateExpected Output
1. Religious Instruction (Optional)All studentsAugust 2018God fearing students
Valued students
2. Theatre Arts (Optional)
- Choral
- Singing
- Dancing
- Acoustic Band
Ms. Joselyn Zafe
Ms. Jhuna Medes
Ms. Rachel Bañares

Selected Members
August 2018Skills in singing, dancing, playing guitar be developed
3. DLC (Optional)Ms. Joselyn Zafe
Ms. Jhuna Medes
Ms. Rachel Bañares
August 2018Competitive DLC



On September 1, 2014, Forbes Academy was launched from its former name, MABA Computer Oriented Elementary and High School to Forbes Academy, under its new management.


Foundation Day

On November 28, 2014, the Forbes Academy and Forbes College have celebrated their 6th Foundation Anniversary with its theme, “Continuing to Provide Quality Education towards Global Excellence” held at Forbes College Ground in the Morning, and at 2nd Floor Pacific Mall Events Centre, Landco Business Park, Legazpi City. The students have participated to different events/contests in LITMUSDA like, Extemporaneous Speaking, Interpretive Reading, Vocal Solo, Vocal Duet, Dance Contest (Modern Dance, Ballroom), and Interpretative Dance. The students of Forbes Academy received awards as Champion for Extemporaneous Speaking, Vocal Duet, Modern Dance and Interpretative Dance. A graduating student was awarded as the First Runner Up.


Christmas Party

The pupils and students of Forbes Academy have conducted their Christmas Party on December 19, 2014 at Forbes academy campus , and as part of expressing how they cherish and celebrate the birth of Christ, they conducted the “Parol Making Contest” with the theme: Christmas: a time for peace, love and unity.

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