Forbes Academy has adopted a WORLD-CLASS curriculum to benefit it
Grade 1 to 6 students. Another pioneering initiative from this innovative school.


Starting 2016, Forbes academy is now using XSEED Global Education Program
to equip your children with 21st Century skills.  This superior education system
is designed to produce the best and the brightest students at par with other Asian,
European and American children in the first world countries.


 Forbes Academy is the first school to partner with XSEED in the Bicol region
XSEED is used by over 1,000 schools globally and more than 3 million students
While many established institutions have a pedigree having built their
reputation in the 20th Century,  they have not fully calibrated their
curriculum that prepares children to meet the needs and the demands
of the 21st Century business and workplace environment.


Forbes Academy with the use of XSEED global education program  prepares
your children for the 21st Century to work and compete anywhere around
the world!

Play this video to learn more about  

  your expectation at Forbes!

Forbes also accepts enrollees for:

 • Kindergarten 1 & 2 using University of the Philippines Progressive Learning system
• Junior High School Program from Grades 7-10
• Senior High School Program from Grades 11 to 12

For inquiries, visit us at Forbes Academy

1) Main campus is along Lakandula Drive, Legazpi City, Philippines
2) Branch campus is at Elizondo corner Rizal Streets, Legazpi City, Philippines